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Childish Thinking of Human

When anybody appointed by a company in this world, Owner supply tools, materials, & other necessary things to this servant, which need to make an item for that company. Owner also take care of this servant foods, health or other important things which is necessary for this servant during working time. Owner also supply this servant،
tools, design, catalogues , guidance etc, which is necessary to make an item by him. When company working time finish, this servant put all things in order inside the factory with the item, this servant made for company. Later on this person tell owner that this Item made by given material, and guidance from Owner. After one month he pay thank to Owner and request for one month salary. As servant done a good job, so Owner will be happy and he will give him salary.

But if this servant say to Owner that the item which he made want to take with him from company, because he made this by himself. Naturally company Owner will be angry, because all things supplied by owner, so this servant has no right to take the item with him from company & surely Owner will dismiss this servant from job.

Now come to consider human being action , which is same as above example. God given us brain to think, Body to work, Guidance by Holy books & many of His Holy Prophets , Material in shape of Sun, Water, Air etc for our survival. After consider on all of these things, we human understood, that how nature is working, what is work of Sun, Sea, Air etc, but we could not reach the main Point, which God wanted to be adopted by us. As God says I made human being for Love to Him, but human decided everything belong to himself, forgetting the reality of God & His guidance. If we consider, we human being using all God things freely and saying this is mine.

So we all human being must change our thinking & need to know our last destination of life, because there is One God who will ask us, what you all human being did & how you used His given things.

But we human being presently boarded a train and don’t know where is destination. while if any person board a train without knowing his destination, everybody will consider him as a Foolish person.

May God Give Us All to Understand His Love & Why He Created Us
Human Manner Research Academy Japan (Registered 2013)

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