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Free Will is something like!!!.

When we sit in a Examination Hall, one question paper given by examination authority for about 2 or 3hours time to solve. So now for 2 or 3hours time everybody is free, who is in class room , even he solve question or just sitting.During this time if he request  that “I feel thirst & want water” ,concern person will be serve him, or he ask anything other whatever he need during this time, concern person will provide him. Why! because Sutdent has been given these examination hours by School. Some Students take benefit of these hours and solve question. But some Students  are just sitting & thinking , What a free hours time for me. So when these hours finish and result come out. Than some students  pass & some fails. This is the same example of Human being, God given us Free Will &  Free Time with instruction that if you do wrong thing, result will be in failure , while if you do good deed than result will be good, and this Free Will & Hours  is only given upto life in this world. So in this world, student has been given time to solve the question. So student know the time given by authority but they don’t know question?

While God given us Free Will with no time limit, and we don’t know our life time but only God knows. This is the kindness of God , He given us questions sheets with answer sheets, which we say in this world , that Paper is Out. And everybody can solve the question, but if anybody fail, while Paper was Out.  Everbody will say him, how bad luck You are!!!, while paper was out and you failed!!!!

We all need to think  for this to pass the examination
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